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What is THRIVE?


Make art | Meet your people | Do the work.

THRIVE is a membership community of female, non binary and gender fluid visual artists from all over the world. We're all here to accomplish our goals as artists in our art practices and art businesses while following our own unique paths and supporting each other.

We are known for our THRIVE Mastermind Program where groups of female visual artists from around the world meet monthly for a year with a group to share experiences, insights, resources, and encouragement.

Our mission is to make it less lonely to be an artist and THRIVE is here to provide community, accountability and support.



Unfortunately, gender inequality exists in the art world as well. At THRIVE we support trans and cis women as well as genderqueer and non binary artists proving it doesn't have to be this way. Our community of artists help each other to become the thriving artists we are all truly meant to be!

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It all started in …


Our Story.

It all started in 2015 after THRIVE’s Founder, Jamie Smith, quit her teaching job to follow her dream of becoming a professional artist, but there was no road map to success. In art school she had been told that all good artists had three things in common - they were starving, alone and male. Jamie knew there had to be a different way and that she needed to create her own community.

Jamie organized a Mastermind Meeting of six of her female artist friends and they talked about the ups and downs of being working artists running their own businesses. It truly was the beginning of something special! Tara Lee Bennett attended that first meeting and later would join Jamie as THRIVE’s Co-Founder. 

From that first meeting to today the THRIVE Mastermind Program and membership has grown to include over 300 current female artist members worldwide!

You can meet the members of team THRIVE here and read press about THRIVE here.


THRIVE’s Values.



We have chosen to support not compete. We are in this together.


We come together with an open mind to be generous with our knowledge, experiences, stories and kindness.


We are so fortunate to be artists and to benefit from the work done by those who came before us.


We can creatively problem solve anything.

Do the Work

It is the only way.

THRIVE Art Studio

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