When Jamie Smith invited six of her artist girlfriends over to her new art studio in July 2015, she didn’t know she was starting a movement. 

Today, Jamie is the founder of THRIVE, where the mission is to unite female—including those who are cis, trans, gender non-binary, gender-fluid and femme-identified—visual artists! 

That first group came together based on a desire to support and not compete. They shared a need for accountability, useful resources and equality in the art world and THRIVE Mastermind was born. From there, Jamie began a speaker series called THRIVE Talks where artists gather and successful women in the arts share their stories.

Word of the THRIVE Mastermind groups where art practice, as well as art business, are a focus started to quickly spread. Jamie invited her friend and fellow artist Tara Galuska to join the THRIVE team and with their powers combined, and the passion of the community, THRIVE continues to grow! 

Membership in THRIVE Mastermind keeps expanding and applications are always accepted. THRIVE Talks continue to inspire and now has a sister speaker series called THRIVE Talks Minis where seven artists present and share the why behind their work. Jamie and Tara see a need and desire for focused conversation and information for female artists and so have created the THRIVE Network! This is an online community where likeminded artists can gather together for resources, community and support. 

THRIVE is built on a solid foundation of these core values: community, generosity, gratitude, creativity and a belief that doing the work is the only way!

Jamie Smith Founder THRIVE


Jamie Smith founded THRIVE because it was what she needed as an artist and it turns out other people need it too!

Likes: Studio Mondays, morning exercises and the one and only Oprah.  

Dislikes: Cold tea.

Tara Galuska THRIVE

Tara Galuska

Tara gets misty-eyed every time she hears a member share their story about the amazing things they are making happen in their life as a result of being part of the THRIVE community.

Likes: Checking things off her to do list, paper (she’s a paper artist) and cats.

Dislikes: When people say something can’t be done!