New murals part of the THRIVE Mural Residency Program!

As you may have heard in our latest episode of THRIVE Talks Podcast, we are thrilled and honoured to have four of our THRIVE Mastermind members create murals for our new space at The Profile Coworking Business Club! What makes it even more exciting is that we now have murals at both Thurlow street and Lower Lonsdale locations! We are very grateful to be working in collaboration with The Profile doing our Mural Residency program. This process and this program are so important to THRIVE as it really illustrates and shapes the meaning of “coworking” spaces. These opportunities are not only amazing for our Mastermind members, but for our coworkers in these spaces. Art has the power to transform spaces to be engaging, enjoyable and inspiring, and we know that these four new murals do just that! Check out the finished murals below!

First, we have Ola Volo! We are so thrilled to have her work in our space, as ola was part of the first ever mastermind group and has been a supporter of THRIVE all along the way. Her intricate work is inspired by history, multiculturalism, and folklore and pays homage to the subtleties of human nature as well as celebrating the little surprises of day to day life. Her bold work is elaborate and filled with rich symbolism that brings animals, architecture, nature, and people together to tell a diverse story. Thank you, Ola, for sharing your work with us at the Thurlow street location!  

Photos by  Laara Cerman

Up Next we have Kari Kristensen! Kari is a contemporary Canadian printmaker that has graced the atmosphere at the downtown location of The Profile! Born and raised in Dutton Ontario, Kari is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Art History and Classical Studies. Kari’s latest body of work- “The Imagined Landscapes series”, is an expression of Canadian landscapes as she has experienced them. This ornate work is Kari's first mural since High School! She has been working with intricately cut linoleum prints as well as monoserigraphs in her latest series so we were thrilled to have her do this mural for us! We are so excited to have this piece of work in our space! Thank you, Kari!  

Photos by  Maria Angerilli.

Laura Uy is our next THRIVE Mastermind member who we had the privilege of working with through our Mural Residency program! She has a imaginative and uplifting style that is inspired by nature, wildlife and travel. She is a Vancouver based artist and illustrator and we are loving her work at the Lower Lonsdale location! If that wasn't enough for you, she even has her own stationary brand called  Art + Soul Creative Co. that she launched in 2016! We love the duality of life and death that she has conveyed in this mural! Thank you Laura!

Photo by Abhishek Dhoj Joshi.  

Last, but certainly not least!  We have the Mural cube that Tierney Milne has created for us! Wow! Tierney is a Montreal-born designer and artist that is currently living in Vancouver. She has a BA in Psychology and illustration/Design which has influenced her inspiration to break down the complexities of a person's inner and outer landscapes and then reassembles them in a unique and colorful way! We can’t get enough! Thank you, Tierney, for this wonderful, interconnected, yet structured piece of work! View this mural cube at the Lower Lonsdale location!

Love these murals as much as we do? Wanna be part of the fun? Our Mural Residency program is an opportunity for our THRIVE Mastermind members to apply to and work in collaboration with The Profile Coworking Club! Think THRIVE Mastermind is for you? CLICK HERE to learn more about THRIVE Mastermind or click the button below to apply now!

THRIVE Talks October 5th 2017


Click on this post to watch the videos for our second THRIVE Talks Minis which happened on October 5th. Check them out and get inspired!

Aimée Henny Brown

Amelia Garvin

Susannah Montague

Jamie Smith

Emma Segal

Lisa Hau 

Tara Galuska 

We held our third THRIVE Talks on October 5th! We had seven amazing female artists to open up and inspire us with stories of their artistic journeys. 

The event brought together women in the arts industry for a vibrant evening filled with fun, inspiration, and lively conversations. We are so excited to share these videos with you.

Thanks to everyone who came and to all our speakers, Aimée Henny BrownAmelia GarvinSusannah MontagueJamie SmithEmma SegalLisa Hau, and Tara Galuska

Check out the events page to see when our next THRIVE Talks are.

THRIVE Talks x Vancouver Mural Fest 2017

This past August, we collaborated with the awesome team from Vancouver Mural Festival for our monthly THRIVE Talks. The event was held in the Mural Festival HQ and we invited seven of the amazing female artists painting murals in this year's festival to open up to us about their artistic journeys.

Thank you to everyone who came that evening and to all our speakers Amanda SmartJane ChengJill StantonMega McGrathOksana GaidashevaSandeep Johal, and Sharifah Marsden.  We'd also like to give a big thank you to Vancouver Mural Fest for helping make this event happen. 

You can watch all the talks on our Youtube channel.

Check out these murals by talented THRIVE Mastermind Artists!

 All images by  Laara Cermann

All images by Laara Cermann

You may have heard on our latest episode of the THRIVE Talks Podcast that three of our THRIVE Mastermind members where creating murals for The Profile’s new downtown co-working location on Thurlow Street. We are thrilled to share the finished artworks with you below!

Thank you to Laara Cermann for the great photos! We'd also like to thank Vancouver Mural Fest, Opus Art Supplies and Dulux for help with supplies. 


Yes that is a large scale collage by Aimée Henny Brown on the wall. We love how impactful this piece is and the mix of materials makes it even more exciting. Wonderful to see Aimée explore her work in a totally different way!


Sandeep Johal’s art practice is grounded in principles of symmetry and geometry and is an expression of her social and cultural concerns, particularly gender justice. The black linework on this pale grey background is stunning!  

Alice Clair spends her days working with children, who inspire her to get messy at night by creating art in a variety of mediums. We love this illustrative design and think it’s a perfect fit for a co-working space too. 

Want to paint murals but don’t have the first clue about it? Painting a giant wall can be intimidating so we are creating an online THRIVE Art School course on murals so that you don’t have to spend forever trying to find the information you need to get started. If you’re interested in learning more please sign up for updates below! 

Let's celebrate Vancouver Mural Fest 2017!

Vancouver Mural Fest is our city’s largest annual celebration of public art. Last year’s inaugural festival saw murals by over 40 artists go up. This year, the organizers have expanded the lineup to bring more than 60 artists from both the lower mainland and around the world come together to create, install and celebrate the unveiling of over 60 murals throughout Mount Pleasant and Strathcona. The festival will also feature a week of events, starting with our own THRIVE Talks, leading up to the street festival from August 7th to August 12th.


Learn more about the speakers on the night below!

Sandeep Johal (Website)

Sandeep Johal is a Canadian-born South Asian artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. Much of art is grounded in principles of symmetry and geometry and is an expression of her social and cultural concerns, particularly gender justice. Her work has been featured on Vancouver’s CTV Morning Live and Zee TV Canada, as well as in the Spring Issue of Gray Magazine.

Mega McGrath (Website)

Meghann McGrath (aka. Mega) is a designer, artist and creator of Rap365: The Rap Calendar. Having her work featured in Vancouver, New York, and Hong Kong, she focuses on bridging the worlds of culture. Through text art, she connects art with music, drawing inspiration from a variety of different mediums.

Jane Cheng (Website)

Jane Cheng is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. She has a wide-ranging large breadth of work, her exploration of illustration and style has lead her to be critical of this form of expression. Much of her most well known work involves bringing Illustration in dialogue with contemporary art practices. 

Jill Stanton (Website)

Jill Stanton is a muralist and artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Jill's work has been featured in Manning Hall at the Art Gallery of Alberta, the 2015 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, as well as several private and public mural commissions across Canada. Currently, Jill is working on a long-form graphic novel, scheming over blank walls, experimenting with video and performance, and tending to 50 houseplants.

Sharifah Marsden (Website)

Sharifah is an Anishnabe artist from the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation. Sharifah draws from her Ojibway roots and knowledge of Woodlands art to create unique works that include everything from acrylic paintings to beadwork to engraving.

Amanda Smart (Website)

Amanda Smart grew up on the Sunshine Coast where she first discovered her love of painting and nature. After travelling and living in South America, moved back to Vancouver where she attended Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Generally using traditional oil medium, she has developed a more realistically inclined style with hints of dreaminess and ethereality.

Oksana Gaidasheva (Website)

Oksana Gaidasheva is Vancouver based artist originally from Minsk, Belarus. She is famous for her massive mural arts all around Vancouver. Oksana describes her style as: “a perfection of my skills would be to determine your laterality and constellations while painting your portrait.”

List of all events for Vancouver Mural Festival:

We look forward to seeing you there!