THRIVE Is Going Into Hibernation!

Earlier this month in our newsletter we spoke about something we really believe in, the importance of taking breaks. We believe in this so much that THRIVE Studio is going into hibernation until January 16th!

That is right, we are both taking this time to focus on our art and to enjoy the holiday season. We made this decision in early September and have been working hard to make it happen since then. Why? Because THRIVE can't thrive if we don't and we look forward to coming back refreshed and reenergized for 2017!

It has been an incredible year for THRIVE and we'd love to share a couple of the highs and lows with you!

Here is our big wins list -

  • We celebrated our first birthday in July
  • We doubled our team- to two
  • We have 42 THRIVE Mastermind members and are still growing
  • We hosted nine THRIVE Talks
  • We ran our first Art School with Pennylane Shen
  • We have witnessed incredible things happening for each of our THRIVE Mastermind ladies as a result of their work and commitment and for that we are truly grateful!

Here is the it totally didn't work out list -

  • THRIVE collage nights 
  • Work from THRIVE days
  •  A number of our professional development workshops
  • Jamie trying to paint and run THRIVE, also one of the main reasons behind our upcoming hibernation!

Every success has been incredibly thrilling and every failure has been at least a little disapointing. We always move on quickly to the next thing but we learn so much from the highs and the lows and wouldn't be where we are without them. Through these experiences we are now more focused, inspired and driven than ever before and can't wait for all that 2017 has in store for us, for THRIVE and our amazing community. Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of this journey so far and we look forward to having you with us for the next part of the adventure!

While we are in hibernation we will keep an eye on emails, especially those related to THRIVE Revive Camp, but unless you are contacting us about some kind of extreme art emergency you won't get a reply until after the 16th of January. Engaging hibernation mode now!