Meet THRIVE'S founder Jamie Smith

We love sharing inspiring interviews here on the THRIVE blog! Whether it's highlighting interviews by amazing people in our community or it's us interviewing the amazing members of our THRIVE Mastermind. We thought today we'd share an interview with the founder of THRIVE Jamie Smith!  Below Jamie shares how it was for her when she was first starting out as well as what inspires her with THRIVE and the three things she thinks artists need!

 Jamie Smith THRIVE Studio Vancouver

What was it like when you first started being an artist?

When I decided to fully pursue life as an artist, I really didn’t know many artists or much about the Vancouver art scene. At first I was spending all my time in the studio and working on my art business but I found it very lonely.

I decided I needed to find people on the same path as me and I wanted to meet others that were follow their passions in any field. This began a weekly routine of “lady dates.” Any time I went to an event, art show or met new people I would ask them for coffee.

At first this was extremely intimidating and strange but the results of putting myself out there were amazing! I have people give me great ideas and advice, connect me with other amazing people and even buy art! People want to help others and are so generous, you just gotta ask and be the same way to them.

What are the three main things you think artists need?

You can’t do this alone so find your peeps. Have artist friends that you can share your art practice with and nerd out on arty terms with. Have entrepreneur friends that you can share the business side of things with and they help you think like a businesswoman. Then always create relationships outside of the art world so you have balance and they can help you stay in reality (and talk about dogs and nachos).

Think of being a professional artist like a “lifestyle” choice and it helps you to remember to be patient as it takes a lifetime. It also helps you to remember to have fun along the way, it is supposed to be good time too!

Do the work. Put in the studio hours and master your process and medium. Put in the time to get organized in your art business, be a professional.  

What are your super powers that you bring to THRIVE?

I am highly organized and enjoy planning and coming up with grand ideas. I am very lucky to have Tara’s voice of reason to help keep me focused and her help that gets some of the grand ideas to the THRIVE ladies.

What inspires you about the members of THRIVE?

THRIVE attracts women that are serious about being or becoming full time professional artists as it requires a financial investment. They are willing to commitment to their professional development monthly and this is something I can relate to. I find them very brave, determined and dedicated. I am energized by their successes and I also consider them friends. All this makes me dedicated to the work I do.

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