New murals part of the THRIVE Mural Residency Program!

As you may have heard in our latest episode of THRIVE Talks Podcast, we are thrilled and honoured to have four of our THRIVE Mastermind members create murals for our new space at The Profile Coworking Business Club! What makes it even more exciting is that we now have murals at both Thurlow street and Lower Lonsdale locations! We are very grateful to be working in collaboration with The Profile doing our Mural Residency program. This process and this program are so important to THRIVE as it really illustrates and shapes the meaning of “coworking” spaces. These opportunities are not only amazing for our Mastermind members, but for our coworkers in these spaces. Art has the power to transform spaces to be engaging, enjoyable and inspiring, and we know that these four new murals do just that! Check out the finished murals below!

First, we have Ola Volo! We are so thrilled to have her work in our space, as ola was part of the first ever mastermind group and has been a supporter of THRIVE all along the way. Her intricate work is inspired by history, multiculturalism, and folklore and pays homage to the subtleties of human nature as well as celebrating the little surprises of day to day life. Her bold work is elaborate and filled with rich symbolism that brings animals, architecture, nature, and people together to tell a diverse story. Thank you, Ola, for sharing your work with us at the Thurlow street location!  

Photos by  Laara Cerman

Up Next we have Kari Kristensen! Kari is a contemporary Canadian printmaker that has graced the atmosphere at the downtown location of The Profile! Born and raised in Dutton Ontario, Kari is a graduate of the University of Guelph where she studied Art History and Classical Studies. Kari’s latest body of work- “The Imagined Landscapes series”, is an expression of Canadian landscapes as she has experienced them. This ornate work is Kari's first mural since High School! She has been working with intricately cut linoleum prints as well as monoserigraphs in her latest series so we were thrilled to have her do this mural for us! We are so excited to have this piece of work in our space! Thank you, Kari!  

Photos by  Maria Angerilli.

Laura Uy is our next THRIVE Mastermind member who we had the privilege of working with through our Mural Residency program! She has a imaginative and uplifting style that is inspired by nature, wildlife and travel. She is a Vancouver based artist and illustrator and we are loving her work at the Lower Lonsdale location! If that wasn't enough for you, she even has her own stationary brand called  Art + Soul Creative Co. that she launched in 2016! We love the duality of life and death that she has conveyed in this mural! Thank you Laura!

Photo by Abhishek Dhoj Joshi.  

Last, but certainly not least!  We have the Mural cube that Tierney Milne has created for us! Wow! Tierney is a Montreal-born designer and artist that is currently living in Vancouver. She has a BA in Psychology and illustration/Design which has influenced her inspiration to break down the complexities of a person's inner and outer landscapes and then reassembles them in a unique and colorful way! We can’t get enough! Thank you, Tierney, for this wonderful, interconnected, yet structured piece of work! View this mural cube at the Lower Lonsdale location!

Love these murals as much as we do? Wanna be part of the fun? Our Mural Residency program is an opportunity for our THRIVE Mastermind members to apply to and work in collaboration with The Profile Coworking Club! Think THRIVE Mastermind is for you? CLICK HERE to learn more about THRIVE Mastermind or click the button below to apply now!