Episode 9: Letting Go of Old Goals and Feeling Like a Pro with Ola Volo | THRIVE Talks

Content warning: Please note in this episode we speak about childhood sexual abuse, being triggered and Donald Trump.

THRIVE Talks is a monthly podcast hosted by artists Jamie Smith and Tara Galuska from THRIVE Art Studio. Every episode follows the format of a THRIVE Mastermind meeting where they share what they are excited about, learning and struggling with. 

In this episode, Jamie, Tara, and their guest Ola Volo talk about:

  • Ola's design process behind murals and how she prepares for them.
  • How to deal with being overwhelmed and constructively protecting yourself in a sustainable manner.
  • Balancing financial resources, time, and your own art practice in terms of projects, and shedding old goals to make way for growth.