On Taking Breaks

We are writing to you on this rainy morning as we dive into the week here at THRIVE! The other day we were trying to write this email to you and the topic we wanted to write about was on the importance of taking breaks. Even though we knew exactly what we wanted to write, we were having trouble and a lot of it.

Know why? Because we needed a break! We decided a quick cookie break at Gene's Coffee was just what we needed. What was supposed to be a quick break turned into about an hour long conversation. During that time we were able to decompress a little from a busy week, celebrate everything we had gotten done and plan for the week ahead. We also got to connect and help each other figure out some plans for our own art practices. Best thing to come out of it? We felt like human beings again! We decided to put this blog post aside and easily finished the last tasks of the day before heading home ready to start the weekend right!

No one has spare time just lying around for taking breaks but that is no excuse for not taking them. We are sure that there are plenty of studies that back up these simple truths - taking breaks make you more efficient and effective, they are good for you and they make life better! 

In our next email you’ll be hearing from us about how we are walking our talk about how seriously we are about taking breaks but in the mean time we’d like to challenge you to take more breaks! Do you eat lunch at your desk or easel? Don’t do it! Step away and have a proper lunch break. The problems of the morning will often be solved as if by magic when you just step away. What about taking a quick walk? Even a short one around the block will clear away any cobwebs and provide clarity. What is your upcoming weekend looking like? Is it jam packed with errands, activities, socializing and work? Schedule some time for relaxation and feel ready for the week once Monday rolls around. Do all these things already? Then you know the benefits and we challenge you to take it even further. 

Before we finish, take a moment to imagine a world where everyone prioritized their self care? Looks good doesn't it! Take those breaks and do the world a favour girl!


 January 2017 Artist Retreat for Female Artists

Speaking of breaks, we invented the most dreamy break we could imagine and you're invited.  Let's get out of the city for a weekend with other inspiring artists and recharge and revive at THRIVE REVIVE Camp!

This will be your time to celebrate 2016 and to welcome and embrace 2017! 

Arrive Friday, 27 January 2017, 6:00pm

Depart Sunday, 29 January 2017, 3:00pm

The Cheakamus Centre in beautiful Squamish!


Early Bird $525 (before December 13th)

Regular $600 (after December 13th)

Any questions? Please email us info@thriveartstudio.com