Pennylane Shen on small risks and big gains

 Pennylane Shen on THRIVE Mastermind

Today we are talking with artist consultant Pennylane Shen! We got in touch with Pennylane to get her thoughts on what THRIVE is doing for artists and everything she said was so great we thought we'd share it all here with you! 

You work with a lot of THRIVE artists. What have you noticed about them being involved with THRIVE? 

Artists I've consulted with have had nothing but positive things to say about THRIVE, even those that were skeptical at first. I notice for some, it is about accountability whereas for others, it is about community. Many artists are so isolated and consumed by and in their work they often neglect the very crucial aspect of succeeding as an artist: engagement and discussion with others. 

What kind of artists do you think THRIVE is for?

Really THRIVE can be for anyone who is willing to open themselves up to being inspired and taking a chance. The risk is small, a little bit of time and a little bit of money, but the gain - if they are willing to go "there" - is invaluable.  

How does THRIVE support artists?

THRIVE provides a space, both physical and conceptual, for an artist to come be among like-minded individuals, unassuming and ego-free. It provides tools, resources and guidelines that put a mirror to the artist, asking them to consider who and where they are in their practice. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

My business and experience as an artist adviser, consulting on a regular basis with artists, is deeply based on the belief that the creation of art is not a lone path, but that the best things are discovered through group efforts. Regular criticism, consistent guidance, and the perspective of others (experts and non) unlock what is already at work within the artist and allow it to, well, thrive.  

Thanks so much Pennylane! 

Did you know that Pennylane offers individualized consultations? We highly recommend them because her consultations are catered to the artists’ needs and her insights are spot on. Our tip - make sure to book sooner rather than later because she's always booked up well in advance. Find out more here!