Studio Visits with Sarah Clement

Want to take a look into the creative lives of dreamers and doers? Step into the studios of inspiring artists and creatives with THRIVE Mastermind Member Sarah Clement! Not only are the visits beautifully photographed by Sarah but she dives deep and uncovers the different  rituals, strategies and support networks that her subjects are using to get them where they are. Today THRIVE Studio has picked three of Sarah's studio visits with local female artists to share with you!

Priscilla Yu

Both Priscilla's paintings and personal fashion sense are very vibrant and colourful! This doesn't mean that with her increased success recently that she hasn't had encounters with “Imposter Syndrome” and social anxiety. She generously shares how she manages those challenges as well as juggles part time work and her art practice. 

“What I started doing is beginning paintings with that mindset that not every piece will be the best. It helps me focus on what I'm working on rather than on the fear of failing. Often, this “no pressure” approach allows me to get into the creative process, and by the time I've gotten lost in the painting, I'm at a place where I am excited.” Priscilla Yu

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Jori Van der Linde

Be inspired by what Jori shares about her journey to becoming a full time illustrator. We also love that her adorable dog can be seen in many of the shots of her sunny studio! 

“Some of the best advice I got about accepting jobs was from illustrator Zelda Devons. She told us that if you get a client asking you to draw horses, or use a program you have no idea how to use, just take the job and figure it out.  Draw a hundred horses, and now you know how to draw horses really well!” Jori Van der Linde

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Jessie McNeil

Jessie shares some great tips on confronting fear and uncertainty as part of the creative process! We also love what she shares about the frustrations and joys of being an artist.

“The process of making my meticulous collage figures is both meditative and frustrating. Like a painter or any other kind of artist, it’s a joyful thing being able to see something grow out of almost nothing.” Jessie McNeil

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Thank you for allowing us to share your studio visits series here Sarah! You can read all the interviews in the series here.