THRIVE Favourites this month!

Favourite piece of wisdom

This piece of wisdom comes above from our recent THRIVE Talks speaker Aimée Brown! We had such a hard time picking just one quote from the talk that we made a whole blog post dedicated to our favourites. Check them out here! Thanks again Aimée!

Favourites on Instagram

We love featuring artists we admire and who inspire on our Instagram account. This month we'd like to give extra special shout outs to-

@angeladeane - Those ghosts know how to keep it cool this summer! Angela's account is full of the ghosts of moments and is a must follow.

 @littleisdrawing_carlafuentes We are in awe and in love with her lovely figures! Follow Carla Fuentes for more.

@gabryelharrison We love Gabryel's moody florals! Did you see her recent show at Winsor Gallery in Vancouver? Stay up to date with her work on Instagram!

Want to be featured on the @thriveartstudio Instagram account? Use #thriveartstudio and we'll view your work!

Favourite Tool

Just because you know how to make amazing art doesn't mean that you are a graphic designer! Sorry but it's often a rare bird who has the skills and know how to do the work of an artist and a graphic designer. If you don't have the budget right now to hire an awesome designer to work with we'd like to encourage you to give Canva a try! 

With Canva you can easily create beautiful designs for your social media, blog, website and more! It's got great drag-and-drop features and the professionally designed layouts enable you to create consistently stunning graphics. 

The pricing is very artist friendly with a lot of free or very reasonably priced designs for you to choose from and customise. 

We use Canva a lot and our handy hint is to not go too crazy with your own customisation! These are professionally designed templates so don't need much tweaking. If you go too wild with multiple typefaces, colours, shapes and everything else on offer you may just end up with a big old mess so remember to KISS (keep it simple sweetie.)  

Favourite Business Resources

Feeling stuck about things to write about in your newsletter? Well here are 23 things to talk about in your art newsletter. Now get writing!

Last month we mentioned The War of Art by Steven Pressfield as a must read. Well for a very limited time he is giving away the follow up to that book here! It's called Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t and offers insights on what to do about that fact.

12 Must-Read Tips for a Successful Career in the Art World! Life lessons courtesy of Dan Graham, Miranda July, Tania Bruguera, and Carol Bove among others. With gems like 

“It’s important for young artists to be clear about what they want. When thinking about what galleries they want to work with they need to consider whether they want financial success, comfort and support, or eventual fame. I look for dealers who challenge me. I had my first gallery representation when I was 35.” Katharina Grosse on keeping calm and focused.


“If you want a normal life, get a normal job.” Sanford Biggers lays down the law, short and sweet.