THRIVE Favourites this month!

Favourite piece of wisdom

Have you heard of Shine Theory? This piece of wisdom comes above from our recent THRIVE Talks speaker Amber Kingsnorth who shared this theory and way more with us! Keep shining.


Snapchat is a hot topic amongst the artists at THRIVE Studio this month! We think that Snapchat is not just for sending cheeky nude photos or for people under the age 25 anymore. We think it is an excellent place for artists to thrive. The fact it is so visual, personal and immediate makes it a lot of fun and also a great place for artists to share inspiration, glimpses into their studios, their processes and work! Share valuable content on there and we know it will work wonders for your artistic brand!

Looking for some snapchat inspiration? We think that abstract painter Emily Jeffords is great at sharing her art and life on there so definitely add her. We also think it's important to look beyond your field and we think that clothing brand EVERLANE is an example of taking snapchat to the next level so add them too.Want more snapchat inspiration? Our THRIVE Mastermind members Tara and Dana love it and you can also find us on there too at username thriveartstudio!


Just because we love snapchat doesn't mean we have forgotten our first social media love Instagram! These are three of our favourite artists on Instagram at the moment.

@light_and_lines Sarah Clement is an artist, adventurer and nature lover with a very distinct style. We love using that adding a black background instead of her usual white background makes the work pop in an interesting way and pushes her work forward. Sarah also just wrapped up a 30 day project on her Instagram so check that out too!

@zoepawlak Jamie the founder of THRIVE Art Studio is so excited to now own an original Zoë Pawlak painting! At THRIVE we believe that part of being a thriving artist is building your own art collection whether it is with originals, prints or event products featuring an artists work. Support the artists you admire! 

@marine_edith - London based painter Marine Edith Crosta's Instagram bio is very simple "I paint and I pout." We love her beautiful paintings and also her innovative style of presentation. We love that she's thinking outside the box or rather the typical frame in this case!

Business Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Hashtags is a great blog post on using hashtags on Instagram from Later.

Have you read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield? It's all about winning the creative battle and may be where Jamie gets her "do the work" motto! A must read.

Who else loves listening to podcasts in the studio? The Artists Helping Artists podcast is a favourite and if you haven't listened to it yet we recommend episode 274 titled Ten Things Artists Should Do Every Day to be Successful!