Meet our THRIVE Mastermind member Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau

 Aboriginal artist THRIVE Mastermind Member Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau

THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month for a year to develop their art practices. At each meeting, members share their artistic achievements and struggles of the month for critique and feedback. Our mission with our exclusive Mastermind is to empower female artists to unlock their greatest potential in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. Making the (art)world a better place one artist at a time.

Today we invite you to get to know one of our THRIVE Mastermind members Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau and hear about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member below!

Adele is an aboriginal artist, living and practicing her art on Squamish Territory. After suffering from a life threatening illness Adele promised herself that if she survived she would start practicing her art again. She did and has been a professional artist for the past three years! Her art is about stories and her favourite subjects are the animals she has encountered while working, hiking, exploring and day-to-day living. She feels it's important to tell their stories as they can't speak for themselves. Adele will be showing a few pieces at the Londsdale Quay in the Brushstrokes Gallery from September 28th to November 6th 2016 so be sure to view it then.

We enjoy being part of Adele's journey and are so pleased to have her as a THRIVE Mastermind member!

What inspired you join THRIVE Mastermind?: Things appear in life when you most need them and are willing to accept them. I've was looking for a mastermind group to join since 2009 when a life coach friend of mine told me about her's. It changed her life, and I can see why. How can you not succeed when surrounded by like minded positive people who hold you accountable for your dream?

What makes you keep coming back?: The potential to become something more.

What are the top three things you have gained from your THRIVE Mastermind experience?: New connections and possibly new friendships. A different perspective to look at things in an artist life. And loads of new and helpful information.

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What was your biggest concern before joining? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?: Not fitting in. People are nice and I'm just going to keep trying. If anything I'll learn more social skills... Anything good is worth the work!

Who do you think THRIVE Mastermind is for?: People who are willing to support people and be supported. We each have something to contribute as we all have been through different challenges and look at things from different perspectives and paradigms. If someone is willing to learn and be open to new possibilities, then this is a good thing for them.

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What are you currently working on?: I'm really affected by the current protesting going on in North Dakota. The NDAPL. It's so much bigger than just them and it makes me proud to see all those people joining to work together to affect change. Water is life. That's the only reason there is life on this planet... because it has water. So to do things to the environment that destroys this resource makes absolutely no sense at all. So I've started a wildlife series called "Water is life" and I'm doing it in reversed traditional colours. Just to show what we are losing along with our water supply.

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Thank you Adele! Find out more about adele and her work on her website. Check out her Instagram  and Facebook tooLearn more about THRIVE Mastermind here!

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