Meet our THRIVE Mastermind member April Lacheur

THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month for a year to develop their art practices. At each meeting, members share their artistic achievements and struggles of the month for critique and feedback. Our mission with our exclusive Mastermind is to empower female artists to unlock their greatest potential in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. Making the (art)world a better place one artist at a time.

Today we invite you to get to know one of our THRIVE Mastermind members April Lacheur and hear about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member below!

April Lacheur is a self taught artist who creates bold and colourful interpretations of west coast nature. She works from her home based back yard studio that is surrounded by her biggest inspiration... trees! April was a recent THRIVE Talks speaker where she inspired us all when she shared about her journey from full time Registered Nurse to Full time artist over the last 8 years. April is a great example of an artist who also see themselves as business person and we couldn't be more excited to see her tackle one of her biggest public art pieces yet, a giant salmon for the City of Coquitlam! We have enjoyed being part of her journey for the last 10 months and are so pleased to have her as a THRIVE Mastermind member for another year.

THRIVE Studio asked April a few questions about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member! 

What inspired you join THRIVE Mastermind?

I find being an artist at times can be a bit of a lonely job. I loved the idea of being a part of a group that could meet, connect, share ideas and stories on a regular basis. I have learned how important it is to feel supported along this artist journey and felt THRIVE mastermind could provide this and it certainly does.

You’ve been with THRIVE Mastermind since the very beginning! What makes you keep coming back?

I was lucky enough to be one of the first THRIVE matermind members. I have found lots of value in the support that it provides. I walk away from every meeting with fresh ideas, new resources and new inspiration. I love the ongoing communication though out the month on the mastermind facebook page and find myself always looking forward to the next meeting.

What are the top three things you have gained from your THRIVE Mastermind experience?

Motivation, connection and support.

What was your biggest concern before joining? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

I was worried it would feel like too much of a time commitment. Especially since I commute in to Vancouver from Maple Ridge. The time spend has been so valuable that it feels like time very well spent and I combine my trip in for the meeting with other errands I have to get done in Vancouver. The time and cost commitment has been so worth it!

Who do you think THRIVE Mastermind is for?

For building my tribe, my support network. For being a part of a like minded community. For sharing work and ideas. For feeling supported and for providing support to my fellow female artists.

What are you currently working on? 

I am currently work on my public art projects and working on painting a large salmon sculpture for the city of Coquitlam in celebration of their 125 year anniversary. I am also working on multiple commissioned pieces and continuing working on my new series on linen canvas.

Thank you April! Find out more about April and her work here at Check out her InstagramFacebook, and Twitter too. Learn more about THRIVE Mastermind here!