Meet our THRIVE Mastermind Member Jen Clark

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THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month for a year to develop their art practices. At each meeting, members share their artistic achievements and struggles of the month for critique and feedback. Our mission with our exclusive Mastermind is to empower female artists to unlock their greatest potential in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. Making the (art)world a better place one artist at a time.

Today we invite you to get to know one of our THRIVE Mastermind members Jen Clark and hear about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member below!

The theme of Jen's paintings are nature and the body, and she is digging deeper into her art practice and working less at her job. Jen shows regularly at the Kimoto Gallery most recently as part of the group show"Summer Mix III." She has two Pop-up Art shows coming up so mark your calendars! One in Surrey in empty storefronts (opening September 24, entitled: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral) and one in White Rock (opening November 12, entitled: Exquisite Corps). We are also excited that she will be taking part in the THRIVE at ROVE art show! We will be showing a work by a selection of Mastermind members in our studio on the night of September 30th.

We have enjoyed being part of her journey and are so pleased to have her as a THRIVE Mastermind member for another year!

What inspired you join THRIVE Mastermind? I was looking to expand my artistic community in Vancouver, I am a practicing artist in South Surrey. I found out about Thrive through one of the member's social media posts. I was curious about it, researched it and was so happy to see that there was a group of women meeting together, learning from one another and supporting one another. It came at just the right time.

What makes you keep coming back? The positivity and commitment of the members is very inspiring. Everyone is hard working and supportive. I feel comfortable sharing my successes and challenges knowing that there isn't judgement. The fact that it is a group of women is a big draw for me. You can't help but want to support one another. There is an unspoken understanding of the unique path that you are on as women. Our minds and ambitions are shaped differently, we care about things and express ourselves in a different way. The resources are incredible too, anything I have questions about, I get many answers to, the Facebook group is invaluable.

What are the top three things you have gained from your THRIVE Mastermind experience?Community

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What was your biggest concern before joining? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? I was concerned about the time commitment. I wanted to make sure I was contributing 100%. I am quite busy juggling the many obligations in life and my art practice but I kept telling myself it was just once a month, which is very realistic. It is a pleasure to go, I look forward to it. I thought it was going to take up more time, but Thrive has actually saved me time. Thrive has saved me countless hours of trial and error and research with my practice. If I have a question about a tool or resource, I ask my lady pose and they provide me with many options including feedback about their experience. That is priceless.

Who do you think THRIVE Mastermind is for? Mastermind is for the committed, creative, dreamer. It is for women who want support meeting and exceeding their creative potential. Imagine you are on a boat in the vast ocean that is life, full of sunny days and storms. There are really choppy days that make it hard to stay on course, and sunny days of smooth sailing. Thrive is a crew you work with on your boat, a strong set of ladies who you have fun and focus with to help streamline your journey.

What are you currently working on?: I am working less at my job and spending more time in the studio, growing my art practice. The theme of my paintings are nature and the body, I'm digging deeper into that language. I'm working on a commission, creating work for the Thrive Rove show coming up, preparing paintings for two pop-up shows in storefronts with my art group Z-inc. in Surrey and White Rock, and getting ready for a group show at the Kimoto Gallery at the end of the year.

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Thank you Jen! Find out more about Jen and her work on her website. Check out her Instagram and FacebookLearn more about THRIVE Mastermind here!

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