Meet our THRIVE Mastermind member Joanne Hastie

 Joanne Hastie Artist

THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month for a year to develop their art practices. At each meeting, members share their artistic achievements and struggles of the month for critique and feedback. Our mission with our exclusive Mastermind is to empower female artists to unlock their greatest potential in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. Making the (art)world a better place one artist at a time.

Today we invite you to get to know one of our THRIVE Mastermind members Joanne Hastie and hear about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member below!

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Joanne Hastie is a Canadian painter based in Vancouver, BC, Canada and her work is inspired by her daily journeys and adventures here! Her unique style comes from layering bright colours of acrylic paint and glazes on top of each other until the subject just starts looking familiar.

Joanne has two shows coming up in 2016. In August, her work will be featured in a solo show called "Around Corners". It is at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. She will be showing a collection of her studies of cityscapes on paper. Then in October - January, she will be showing larger Italian Cityscapes at a group show at the Museum in the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver. We have enjoyed being part of her journey for the last six months and are so pleased to have her as a THRIVE Mastermind member for another year.

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What inspired you join THRIVE Mastermind? I did not hesitate to to join THRIVE when I stumbled upon the website. Being a painter can be a very lonely activity; prior to THRIVE I had started connecting with artists who inspired me to take on new projects including applying for shows and art residencies. I knew joining a group that met consistently would give me the constant encouragement to keep building my art practice.

What makes you keep coming back?

I am inspired by the artwork of the THRIVE artists. Now not only do I get to enjoy their artwork as a viewer, I can spend quality time with these artists and share insights, successes and failures. The engagement and quality of discussions led in the THRIVE Mastermind groups leads me to go back to the studio to do the work. There are similarities in our experiences and vocabulary that can be tough to explain to non-artists.

What are the top three things you have gained from your THRIVE Mastermind experience? 

Inspiring People: Firstly to get to know an inspiring group of artists. The similar challenges and experiences (and willingness to discuss them during meetings) is fantastic.

Constant Learning: I find the discussions insightful and I can immediately implement the learning into my art practice.

Common Language: Most of all, I enjoy the new perspectives I gain from spending time with a group of artists who speak the same language (I even learn new vocabulary that only, us, artists understand). The immediate understanding of the highs & lows of doing a show or the potential frustrations with a commission that did not meet expectations.

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What was your biggest concern before joining? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

The biggest concern was the time commitment. As in all types of work, meetings can have varied productivity. Devoting one night a month to yet another meeting can feel like a big commitment. However, after 6 months with THRIVE, I look forward to our monthly meets. Jamie chairs a very productive discussion and ensures we all have a chance to share and discuss.

Who do you think THRIVE Mastermind is for?

THRIVE Mastermind is for an artists who are confident in their artistic practice, have an art business and want to keep growing. Having varied experiences of building an art business is what immediately connects us and make the meetings so productive.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently getting ready for two shows in 2016. In August, my work will be featured in a solo show called "Around Corners". It is at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. I will be showing a collection of my studies of cityscapes on paper. Then in October - January, I will be showing my larger Italian Cityscapes at a group show at the Museum in the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

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Thank you Joanne! Find out more about Joanne and her work on her website. Check out her InstagramFacebook, and Twitter too. Learn more about THRIVE Mastermind here!

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