Meet our THRIVE Mastermind Member Laurel Swenson

 Vancouver Artist Laurel Swenson THRIVE Mastermind Member

THRIVE Mastermind is made up of small groups of female artists that meet once a month for a year to develop their art practices. At each meeting, members share their artistic achievements and struggles of the month for critique and feedback. Our mission with our exclusive Mastermind is to empower female artists to unlock their greatest potential in their art practices, their businesses and their lives. Making the (art)world a better place one artist at a time.

Today we invite you to get to know one of our THRIVE Mastermind members Laurel Swenson and hear about her experiences as a THRIVE Mastermind member below!

Laurel Swenson is an abstract painter living and working in Vancouver. She is working on process-driven work, and pursuing abstraction in effort to create work that is evocative, emotional and that responds to the materials. Her work develops over time with layers of texture, marks, brushstrokes, colour, blood, sweat and tears (and a sense of humour!). Laurels goal is to make paintings that resonate with people and help create spaces that feel nourishing — paintings that keep on giving! Her studio is in a big old warehouse building called the Parker Street Studios at 1000 Parker St. in Vancouver, chock-full of artist studios that all open once a year for the Culture Crawl. She will have her studio open during the Culture Crawl on November 17-20, 2016. Check it out! 

We enjoy being part of Laurel's journey and are so pleased to have her as a THRIVE Mastermind member!

 Painter Laurel Swenson in Artist Studio

What inspired you join THRIVE Mastermind?: I was inspired to join THRIVE for the connection with other artists. It has been amazing!

What makes you keep coming back?: I want to move ahead together, be inspired by other artists, learn together, sharing resources and information, and being excited for each other.

What are the top three things you have gained from your THRIVE Mastermind experience?: Connection, community, and a great place to gain and share resources.

What was your biggest concern before joining? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?: No concerns!

Laurel Swenson_-close-up.JPG

Who do you think THRIVE Mastermind is for?: To connect artists together!

What are you currently working on?: I am currently working on a new series of abstract paintings. I do process-driven work and I am inspired the likes of Cy Twombly, Madeline Denaro, Brian Rutenberg, among many others. I often work on large pieces of canvas tacked straight on to the wall. By working this way I can put more pressure on the surface and be quite physical when painting. I am working with lots of big tools these days — like drywall knives, scrapers, and trowels — which is only possible when the canvas is straight against the wall. I make my own stretchers and stretch the paintings afterwards.

Thank you Laurel! Find out more about Laurel and her work on her website. Check out her Instagram  too. Learn more about THRIVE Mastermind here!