THRIVE TALKS no.8 with April Lacheur

THRIVE TALKS is a monthly speakers series that invites successful female artists and women in the arts to share their journeys, successes and advice. Our most recent speaker was artist April Lacheur. Get to know more about April below!

April Lacheur successful female artist talking at THRIVE talks in Vancouver

April Lacheur is an acrylic painter / artist entrepreneur working in a unique style that combines bold colours and clean lines to express her interpretations of west coast nature. She is most well known for her paintings of trees with exposed roots which explore the human connection with nature and trees. April’s hobby of painting began to grow into a business back in 2007 when she was also working as a full time Registered Nurse. April began selling her work at artisan markets and making reproduction which she began wholesaling and selling online. She has also worked on collaboration projects, art licensing projects and recently started painting murals. Now, April works just 1 day a week as a R.N. and otherwise is a full time artist entrepreneur with a thriving art business.

Tree artwork by April Lacheur. This mixed media tree artwork is acrylic painting with metal accents.

THRIVE Studio asked April a few questions in preparation for her THRIVE TALKS on Wednesday, April 27th, 2016…

What are three things (practical advice or tips) that you are going to share with us at THRIVE TALKS?

1)Why selling your work at artisans markets is a great way to gain exposure and connect with your audience.

2)Defining ourselves as artists. What does it mean to be an artist and the struggle to share with others what we do and to defend art as a ‘real job’.

3)Some ‘outside the box’ methods for getting exposure for you work.

Share a weird fact about yourself.

I was indeed born in April. People always ask me that and are surprised when I say yes. Well duh of course!

Share a favourite quote that keeps you motivated or inspired.

“Do the work.” By Miss Jamie Smith

What was your first job?

McDonalds!. I almost got fired for not smiling enough! I used to love the pickle fights.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

I get paid to do what was my hobby. I also love the freedom and flexibility it brings to my life.

Thank you again April! Find out more about April and her work here at  Check out her twitter , instagram and facebook. Want to find out who will be giving our next THRIVE talk? Click here