THRIVE TALKS no. 13 with Artist Kuh Del Rosario

 Kuh Del Rosario Artist

THRIVE TALKS is a monthly speakers series that invites successful female artists and women in the arts to share their journeys, successes and advice with other women. Each THRIVE TALK features a woman in the arts and this intimate setting allows for a unique opportunity to get to know them. All speakers volunteer their time and knowledge to help other female artists thrive in their art practices and art businesses. THRIVE is so grateful to have such a generous and committed group of mentors. This month THRIVE Studio welcomes Kuh Del Rosario!

Join us on Wednesday November 30th from 7pm until 8:30pm to meet artist Kuh Del Rosario. She will tell us about her personal journey as an artist with a focus on her experience building the Elmo’s House Artist Residency in the Philippines. She will get into the nitty gritty of the whole process including defining the residency, inviting the artists, fundraising and considering the details that will foster a unique environment focused on breeding creativity and conscious living. The perfect talk for artists who want to create a unique project in the art world!

After the talk there will be time to ask questions and mingle until 9pm. 

We asked Kuh some questions in the lead up to her talk!

What are three things (this could be themes, lessons, concepts, stories etc) that you are going to share with us at THRIVE TALKS?: I plan to speak about my experience building the Elmo's House Artist Residency – defining the residency, inviting the artists, fundraising and considering the details that will foster a unique environment focused on breeding creativity and conscious living.

With the process of building the residency as well as the trajectory of my practice, I’ve started to understand deeply the connection between the need to create and the process of re-indigeneity. 

I would like to tie all of these thoughts with a proposal to rethink the role of art which starts in the heart and actions of the artist. 

• Creating space
• Art making as path to re-indigeneity
• The political act of being an artist

What is a weird fact about yourself?: Almost exclusively, my dreams take place in post-apocalyptic worlds.

What is your favourite quote that keeps you motivated or inspired?: Way back in school, painting instructor – Susan Menzies was telling a story about her professor while she was in school, and he told her – you make art that you make, during a particularly hard time she was h. It comforts me, when I am impatient or panicked or wanting to push my work in another direction. It reminds me to be patient and to continue on; the work will evolve the way it should.

What was your first job?: My very first paid job was usher at the Stampede grounds in Calgary during special events, like the chuckwagon races. I wore a white cowboy hat and blacked out on the first day due to heat stroke.

What would you love to see more artists doing?: Not shy away from being called artist. Being an artist is a choice not a title someone gives you.

Who are three artists that inspire you and why?: Jennifer Stockholder is an artist I have consistently pointed to as a source of inspiration. Upon introduction to her work, I remember being in awe of the plasticity of her surfaces. I felt like I was looking at a work of a kindred spirit. 

Louise Bourgeois was and still is a force. Her sculptures are like charged vessels containing bits of herself. She was prolific and gave so much into her work. 

Phyllida Barlow is not afraid of what she does not know. In her work I see a respect for intuition and curiosity. Her works are fantastical but rooted in our everyday encounters with materials.

Anything else you'd like to share?: Please support Carfac BC, the regional arm of Carfac Nation which is an organization founded to protect the legal rights of artists.