THE define, design, align money course for artists

We created this course because we have so many members that worry about money. As artists we have so much fear around money and numbers and it can feel emotionally draining, lonely and terrible. Which is why many of us do not take care of this part of art business but without it, we can’t make the work we want to make. We believe women especially need to take control and take back their power by becoming powerful with their money choices! 

A lot of our goals that we set and the pressure we put on ourselves comes down to why? Why do you want this? And without knowing our numbers it is very hard to know what we actually want and any? 

Without getting super clear on where we are at- how can we know where we are trying to go! We partnered with business coach Leah Goard to create something just for artists. 

This course is prefect for you if: 

  • You currently don’t track your money. 

  • Don’t even know where to start.

  • Not sure how much you are spending each month. 

  • Not even sure how to set financial goals.

  • You know you need to start somewhere!!

This course will be useful if each month you seem to be asking yourself these questions: 

  • Where does my money go? 

  • Why do I end up in the same financial state each time month?

  • Why do I feel this way about money? 

At THRIVE we believe you must make art, meet your people and do the work. And getting clear on your finances is all part of your important work! 

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Click here listen to a podcast interview with THRIVE & Leah all about the course!