A Morning With Zoë Pawlak

  • The Aviary 637 East 15th Avenue Vancouver, BC, V5T 3K5 Canada

This is a unique opportunity to spend a morning with artist Zoë Pawlak!

Join us and Zoë, on Sunday February 26th as we gather together at The Aviary while surrounded by the art in her LANDSCAPES exhibition. Enjoy some coffee and treats as Zoe shares an informal talk on her current exhibition as well as her story as an artist and entrepreneur!

In the second part of the morning Jamie Smith the founder of THRIVE will be interviewing Zoë and asking about all the juicy details on the things us artists most want to know about! Zoë has promised to dive deep with us on topics like balance, hiring employees, her studio routine and whatever else we may be curious about.

We look forward to gathering with you and an intimate group of passionate female—including those who are cis, trans, gender non-binary, gender-fluid and femme-identified—artists as we soak in Zoë’s gems of wisdom together.