Pecha What?

  • THRIVE Studio 2414 Main Street Vancouver, BC, V5T 3H9 Canada

Who else loves PechaKucha talks? We do and that is why THRIVE and CARFAC are presenting our own version with seven speakers! Join us for a fun evening of meeting and networking with other female artists. It is sure to be an informative and entertaining night as each speaker shares their artistic journeys and the process behind what they do, in short PechaKucha style talks.

All speakers on the night have volunteered to present and will be practising and perfecting their skills with us. This is the perfect way to learn through watching others experiences without having to get on stage yourself! 

Is this a “how to” style event? No, but we except you will leave feeling inspired, having connected with other artists and with some nuggets of wisdom you may want use in your own presentations. Plus it’s a great way to connect to your community!