Frequently Asked Questions


+ Where can I view work by current members of THRIVE'S Mastermind Program?

You can check out our member directory here.

+ What do past members have to say about the program?

You can hear from some of our past members here.

+ Where can I learn more about the team at THRIVE?

Learn more about us and our fabulous leadership team here.

+ How do you vet members?

Each member goes through an application process which includes an application form and then a phone interview. Members are chosen based on their dedication to their art making, their beliefs in community over competition and their commitment to supporting others.

+ How do you create the groups in THRIVE Mastermind?

It’s important for each member in THRIVE to have something both to give and to receive and for there to be a diversity of career paths and experiences within each group. We keep these things as well as practicalities like time zones in mind when creating groups.

+ Where are most of your members located?

Being a mostly online membership we are able to have members from all over the world! Currently, most of our members are North American but we are excited to spread further.

+ Will THRIVE be bringing in-person meetings to my city?

We don’t currently have plans to expand to any more cities. We love that our online program allows for a variety of perspectives from around the world, the convenience of only needing wifi to connect (perfect for travelling, when things get busy or for those with small children) and the intimacy of being invited to each others homes and studios via video conferencing.

+ How do artists become THRIVE Leaders?

To become a THRIVE Leader an artist must have been a member of THRIVE for at least one year and also completed our leadership training program!

+ I’ve been part of artist groups in the past. What makes THRIVE different?

We think that some of the key things that make THRIVE work is the application process, structure, peer-to-peer mentorship style, the diversity of paths and experiences of members, our shared values and that there is a financial commitment.

+ Why are there membership fees?

At THRIVE we know that people show up and participate differently when they invest financially in themselves and their practice!

+ How do I know if I am ready for THRIVE Mastermind?

Please sign up for our information pack here! We are looking for members who are dedicated to making art and who already have a website and also a social media presence on Instagram. If you don’t have those things a THRIVE Network Only Membership is probably the best place to start as you get yourself ready. If you aren’t sure you can also book a time to chat with Nadia here about what might work best for you.

+ Why is THRIVE focused on membership for women, genderqueer and gender non-binary artists?

Unfortunately, gender inequality is an issue in the art world which makes being an artist so much harder than it needs to be for trans and cis women as well as genderqueer and non-binary artists. It doesn't have to be this way. We're proving that with our community of artists at THRIVE we can support each other as we do the important work of becoming the thriving artists we are all truly meant to be!

+ How will I know I’ll benefit from these conversations?

Listen to our podcast! You’ll get an idea of the types of topics and conversations had at a THRIVE Mastermind meeting.

+ What if my question wasn’t answered?

You can contact us here! Please sign up for our information package here and book a time to chat with Nadia!