Watch this video before our chat!

We are so excited to chat with you soon! Please make sure you watch our information video before our call if you haven't already. This video explains the "nuts and bolts" of Mastermind to make our phone call more efficient and give us time to actually get to know you!  

While you watch make note of any questions you want to ask during your call with Jamie or Tara.

We will also go over these set questions together: 

1. What is coming up this year?

2. What do you want to happen?

3. How do you plan on getting there?

4. What is one big struggle right now for you?

5. How would THRIVE Mastermind benefit you?

6. How will you benefit the THRIVE Mastermind community?


The THRIVE Talks Podcast is like a portable Mastermind meeting between Jamie, Tara and a guest! Every episode follows the format of a THRIVE Mastermind meeting so you can get a real sense of what a typical meeting is like! 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about THRIVE Mastermind membership and we look forward to our chat!