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Being an artist is very important and often lonely work. THRIVE Mastermind has been designed to provide artists with the support, accountability and community they need to accomplish their art making and art business goals. A big part of growing the THRIVE community is our wonderful leadership team!


THRIVE Leadership

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Why become a THRIVE Leader?

  • It's a meaningful way to contribute to other artists growth and development in their art and business careers.
  • To gain confidence and further your skills as a leader providing peer to peer mentorship to other artists.  
  • To have a part in the decision making process at THRIVE. 
  • THRIVE Mastermind leaders are fairly compensated for their work. 
  • To give back and to support female, gender non binary and gender fluid artists!
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What is expected of THRIVE Leaders?

  • To commit to lead one group for a full year. Meetings are 2 hours in length and for in person meetings you need to set up the room before the meeting, greet members and tidy the room afterwards.
  • To send your members missed meeting emails if they are unable to attend.
  • Attend your initial training. 
  • Attend leadership meetings every 4 months.
  • To be an active user of the THRIVE Network and also moderate on the Network once a week. 
  • To be open to covering other leaders meetings if needed.
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What is THRIVE looking for in leaders?

  • Practising dedicated artists at all stages of their artistic careers and life journeys.
  • Empathetic listeners with great communication skills.
  • Dedicated, reliable and committed problem solvers who love to see others shine. 
  • Community co-creators who want to contribute the growth of THRIVE as a movement. 
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How does the application process work?

To apply to join us as a member of the THRIVE Leadership team we just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started.

After your application is received it is reviewed by Tara and Jamie and also the current THRIVE Mastermind Leadership team. The team carefully considers each application and makes their decision based on a number of factors

The leadership team only grows as the THRIVE community grows. This means that while you may be a great fit for the team there may not yet be a group for you to lead. 


THRIVE Leadership Application

To apply to join us as a member of the THRIVE Leadership team we just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started.

Name *
Are you interested in running in person or online meetings?
All leaders are trained to do both in person and online meetings but if you have a preference let us know.
You can apply as a THRIVE leader after being a member for 9 months or more. All leaders must have completed one year of membership before they begin leading meetings.