THRIVE Art Studio

THRIVE Mastermind

Designed to provide female, non-binary and gender-fluid visual artists from all over the world with community, accountability and support.


The Brief.

12 Meetings | 1 Year | $125/month

Being an artist is important but often lonely work. It takes a lot of courage to not only create work but to also share it with the world. The feeling of having to do it all alone often impacts an artists confidence and makes it so much harder than it should be! We want artists to thrive and we are here to change the mindset around what it takes to become a successful artist today. We needed a community ourselves and are so proud we have built a diverse, positive, and supportive community of women artists who are ready to do the work and support others as they do it too. Our year-long mastermind program will provide you with the community, monthly support, accountability, and space to grow into the artist you are meant to be.

You Will Grow.

With the support of your artistic peers you will grow both personally and professionally by building the confidence you need to think bigger and commit more to your art practice and business. Each group has members with a diverse set of career and life experiences making for dynamic and interesting conversations. Membership in THRIVE gives you the opportunity to expand your network with other like-minded artists and learn from their unique skills, experiences, and connections. Your monthly meetings will keep you inspired and motivated to keep up with your tasks and goals as you “do the work” throughout the year. When women support each other incredible things happen and with a group of working artists cheering you on every step of the way we are excited to see you grow!



What’s Included ?

✔ The THRIVE Guide our Mastermind booklet. During every meeting, we answer questions from the THRIVE booklet; everyone gets a turn to share and contribute.

✔ Access to our private online platform the THRIVE Network. It’s our online community and a great space to share experiences, resources, and ideas with other working professional artists.

✔ A listing on the THRIVE Mastermind membership directory.

✔ The opportunity to connect with likeminded artists.

✔ THRIVE Welcome Package including your membership pin!

Your Mastermind.

Mastermind Meetings

A Mastermind is a group of professionals who meet regularly to share experiences, insights, connections, resources and support. THRIVE’s unique Mastermind Program is designed specifically for artists and our unique challenges.

Your Meetings

Mastermind meetings are two hours long, once a month for a year, and are facilitated by a THRIVE leader who has been a Mastermind member for at least one year and has completed our training program.



How We Meet.

Online meetings | Everywhere else!

We have members from all over the world use Zoom video conferencing for meetings. We have various meeting times available to accommodate different timezones and schedules.

Thrive-63 (1).jpg

In-person meetings | Vancouver BC

We have in-person meetings every month in Vancouver, BC, Canada which is where THRIVE began. The meetings are hosted in downtown Vancouver on weekday mornings and evenings.


The Details.

Next Intake April 2020 | Application Deadline TBD | Mastermind Price $125/month

Have more questions? Head to our frequently asked questions page here.

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Mastermind Application Guidelines

Members are chosen based on their dedication to their art-making, their beliefs in the community over competition and their commitment to supporting others. It’s important for each member in THRIVE to have something both to give and to receive and for there to be a diversity of career paths and experiences within the community.


Your next steps in the process.

Fill in an application, view our information video, have a phone interview and when accepted, join the THRIVE Network and start THRIVE Mastermind Meetings!

“Mastermind has allowed me to achieve profound change and move ahead in my ability to market and show my art. I have found the courage to say yes to things and to get my art out there!”
— Wendy Ackrell

✆ Talk To Us!

If you would like to speak to someone from the team about the magic of THRIVE, you can book in a time with Nadia here!