THRIVE Mastermind Membership

Are you familiar with Mastermind groups? A Mastermind is a group of professionals who meet regularly to share experience, insights, connections, resources and support. This style of peer-to-peer mentorship is invaluable in navigating challenges with the collective intelligence of a likeminded group. The potential for growth in these types of groups is transformative and THRIVE’s unique Mastermind Program is designed specifically for artists and our unique challenges!

THRIVE Mastermind is a one-year-long program with monthly meetings with a group of working artists. We have members from all over the world and use Zoom video conferencing to host our meetings. We have meeting times for all our worldwide members and also have in-person meetings in Vancouver BC, Canada where THRIVE began.

Each meeting is two hours in length and is facilitated by a THRIVE leader who has been a member of THRIVE for at least one year and completed our training program. During every meeting we answer questions from the THRIVE Guide booklet and everyone gets a turn to share and contribute!

Between meetings members also have access to the THRIVE Network, our online platform where all THRIVE members ask questions, share resources and give support.

Each member goes through an application process and is chosen based on their dedication to their art making, their beliefs in community over competition and their commitment to supporting others. It’s important for each member in THRIVE to have something both to give and to receive and for there to be a diversity of career paths and experiences within the community. 

What is included in this level of membership?

  • Monthly meetings with a group of working artists for a year

  • The THRIVE Guide, the book we use to ask and answer questions during meetings

  • The THRIVE Member package including a membership pin

  • Membership on the THRIVE Network

What other benefits are there for being a THRIVE Mastermind member?

  • A community of likeminded artists and the opportunity to expand your network with others who have unique skills, experience and connections! 

  • The ability to learn and expand your knowledge based on others perspectives, experiences and insights!

  • The potential for growth! Being surround by others who are working hard encourages you to think bigger and commit more to your art practice and business.

  • Accountability! Be inspired to achieve your goals and complete tasks knowing that you have a month between the next time you meet back with your group.

  • The feeling of being “less alone” as instead of just working alone in your studio you and the group support each other, to achieve more together. 

The financial commitment for the THRIVE Mastermind Program membership is $125/month.

Want to learn more before applying? Please sign up for our information video here and book a time to chat with Nadia here!