Want to join the thrive network Moderators Team?

The THRIVE Network is a space for artists to share tips, resources, and advice about navigating the art world, running a creative business and art practice. Everyone is there to accomplish their goals as artists while following our own unique paths. Moderators do the important job of being consistent in the space, welcoming others and helping shape and support the community.

We really appreciate you for having an interest in stepping up and supporting other artists in this way!

Roles and Responsibilities of a moderator

We are looking for artists who love the THRIVE Network and spending time on there. On your set day each week you will sign in at least once during the day and moderate on the THRIVE Network!  

  • Look at the latest posts and like and/or comment on at least 3 posts.

  • Create your own post asking a question or sharing something useful on the THRIVE Network.

  • As a moderator you will also be responsible with keeping an eye on posts and member behaviour to make sure they follow the rules and guidelines of the THRIVE Network.


Can I pick my day of the week? Yes, if you are accepted we will send you a calendar where you can pick a day and sign up!

What if I miss a day? If you need to miss a day now and then that is totally ok as the team will have your back. However if the commitment becomes too much at anytime then please just send us an email. 

How long would I be signing up for? That is entirely up to you but 6 months at least would be great to start! 

How do I know if a post or member behaviour is against the rules of the Network? Don't worry we will have clear instructions and information to share with you before you get started! We can also be reached by email when needed.

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