Crissy Arseneau and Jenn Brisson


THRIVE Talks is a monthly podcast hosted by artists Jamie Smith and Tara Lee Bennett from THRIVE Art Studio. Every episode follows the format of a THRIVE Mastermind meeting where they share what they are excited about, learning and struggling with. 

In this episode, Tara and guests Crissy Arseneau and Jenn Brisson talk about: 

  • Helping each other as women to build confidence and the importance of teamwork and reaching out to others.

  • Having priorities when growing a business, saying both "yes" and "no", and dedicating your best to the parts that matter.

  • How far you're willing to go for a client, and negotiating between your own expectations as well as your clients'.

Episode Notes/Resources:

Special thanks to:

Marty and Laurie from Sonance Media