We'd love to have you reapply for THRIVE!

Being an artist is very important and often lonely work. THRIVE Mastermind has been designed to provide you with the support, accountability and community you need to accomplish your art making and art business goals. 

To join us for another year as a member of THRIVE Mastermind we just need a few pieces of information to get the application process started.

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How often where you at your Mastermind meetings? *
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Please note: The deadline for applications is Wednesday February 28th!

We will be shuffling around the groups and facilitators to keep things fresh and exciting.

You'll be hearing from us soon around next steps including the member form and $50 membership fee so we can send you your new membership package!


THRIVE Mastermind 2018

THRIVE Art Studio Member Package.jpg

What is included in the membership?

  • Monthly meetings for a year with a group of 10 visual artists
  • Membership on the THRIVE Network our members only online community
  • Access to quarterly field trips with the larger Mastermind Community
  • A missed meetings self study podcast
  • Weekly member news emails
  • THRIVE Guide Workbook, Goal setting Workbook and membership package
  • Artistic opportunities like the Kimoto Gallery exhibition, Kafka's Show and the THRIVE Mural Residency. We have more to come too!
  • Discounted member only pricing for events and education programs.
THRIVE Art Studio Member Pins.jpg

What other opportunities does it offer?

  • Continued structure and momentum as part of your monthly routine
  • Accountability and motivation
  • Peer to peer mentorship and community with likeminded artists 
  • Expanding your network
  • Access to business and art resources
  • Solid advice based on other's experiences 
  • To co-create a movement of professional artists who believe in community over competition and in everyone's right to thrive!

Want more information about the THRIVE Mastermind program?

Learn more by watching our information video which includes all the nuts and bolts as well as the history of THRIVE. It was created for applicants who have never been members of THRIVE but we wanted to make it available to you too if you want more information about the program!