Ever noticed that the art history books often seem to skip over female artists altogether? THRIVE Talks is a platform for contemporary female artists and women in the arts to tell their stories in their own words! 

Please join us for one of our monthly talks as they are the perfect opportunity to gather together with likeminded artists and to be inspired.

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Aimée Henny Brown

Amelia Garvin

Emma Segel

Lisa Hau

Jamie Smith

Susannah Montague

Tara Galuska

When: Thursday October 5 2017

Where: The Profile, 535 Thurlow St, Suite 100, Vancouver, BC. (Wheelchair accessible)

Price of tickets: $25

Please note that speakers and attendees of THRIVE Talks use an inclusive definition of the terms “women” and “female”. These talks are for trans and cis women, as well as those who are genderqueer, femme-identifying and non-binary.