Welcome to our secret hip lady club for female artists who want to kill it!


We all know that no one does anything alone. We are here to support you on your journey of becoming the artist and person you most want to be. THRIVE is built on a foundation of community, a passion for learning and a commitment to support rather than compete.



Are you ready to connect and learn from other supportive female artists? Gain clarity and feel empowered as you share your artistic achievements and struggles with people who can relate!

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Ready to be inspired? THRIVE TALKS is a monthly speakers series that invites successful female artists and women in the arts to share their journeys, successes and advice with other women.

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Find out about the ladies behind THRIVE, our mission, what we are all about and how we can support you on your journey as you become the artist and person you most want to be.

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THRIVE provides a space, both physical and conceptual, for an artist to come be among like-minded individuals, unassuming and ego-free.

The risk is small, a little bit time and a little bit of money, but the gain - if they are willing to go “there” - is invaluable.
— Pennylane Shen
THRIVE has given me a community, opportunities I don’t think I could have sought out on my own, and most of all, the confidence to pursue my art. It’s a beautiful thang!
— Sandeep Johal
I walk away from every meeting with fresh ideas, new resources and new inspiration.
— April Lacheur
Basically if you’re a girl boss who wants to kill it in the art industry, join this group.
— Dana Mooney
THRIVE is doing so much for women in the Vancouver art world. A community has formed, tight, supportive, and welcoming.
— Ola Volo

Photography by Desirée Patterson