Our mission at THRIVE is to unite female artists!

Being an artist is very important and often lonely work. At THRIVE we believe it's important for artists to:

Make Art . Meet Your People . Do The Work

Unfortunately, gender inequality is an issue in the art world which makes being an artist so much harder than it needs to be for trans and cis women as well as genderqueer and non binary artists. It doesn't have to be this way. We're proving that with our community of artists at THRIVE we can support each other as we do the important work of becoming the thriving artists we are all truly meant to be!

That's our goal. That's why we're here and why we are so glad you're here too! 

THRIVE Mastermind

Our members say that THRIVE Mastermind Program provides them with the support, accountability and motivation they need to accomplish their art making and art business goals!

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We use an inclusive definition of the terms “woman” and “female”. At THRIVE, we welcome trans and cis women as well as genderqueer, and non-binary people.