Our mission at THRIVE is to support female, GenderQUEER, non-binary and artists

We do this through-

THRIVE Mastermind our community of visual artists who meet monthly and provide each other with support, accountability and motivation. 

THRIVE Talks our speaker series where contemporary female artists and women in the arts tell their inspiring stories.

THRIVE Art School the education you needed but never got in art school.

THRIVE started almost by accident in July 2015 when 6 artist girlfriends gathered together one summer evening. Little did they know it was the start of a movement!

Being artists is very important and often lonely work and it’s our belief that to be thriving artists we must make art, meet our people and do the work.

Through THRIVE Mastermind, THRIVE TalksTHRIVE Art School and the THRIVE Talks Podcast we provide support, accountability and motivation to artists just like you.

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We are so happy you are here and we want to see you THRIVE!

Please note that members and facilitators of THRIVE use an inclusive definition of the terms “women” and “female”. Our program welcomes trans and cis women, as well as those who are genderqueer, femme-identifying and non-binary.